Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New News.

After hearing the current news of my Mother, It made me think about how amazing the human body is.
I myself have had many near death experiences.
When I was about 2 years old my three older brothers and I were playing outside.
They were suppose to be watching me of course.
We had about a 5ft deep pool at the time.
Something told my Mom to go outside.
She found me face down in the pool, unconscious not breathing.
But some how I came back to life.
There also was I time on the way to (LDS) girls camp where I almost died.
Dude we were riding with was in a super hurry.
We had the trailer full of food.
Drove over train tracks going about 85.
He lost control of the SUV and the trailer twisted off the hitch.
Once he got control he slowed down to a stop and the trailer came back and hit us.
If he would have stopped any sooner the trailer would have taken off my head.
And they prayed about me every time we had prayer.
This made me mad cause there is other people that needed it more than me.
Hello I am still alive and well!!!!
I would never let myself die in a Ford Exploder!
Maybe a Rolls Royce. Or a Tesla Roadster.
Another time I almost died in a Volkswagen Bus. LOL.
A little better ha ha.
So we are going camping to the west desert and,
we kept missing our turn.
This was at night on a one lane highway.
The bus stalled. so we were sitting ducks in the middle of the highway.
We were facing the side of the road in both lanes.
Here comes a semi truck.
Never slowed down.
Never swerved.
Didnt even see us.
My friend barly got the bus started in reverse in the ditch 
just before it hit us.
 Then another time up at step rock mountain
I stepped over a baby rattle snake.

Thats a few lol.
I must have 5 lives left.

Well I mean how it can survive or heal its self.
I cracked 3 ribs in a motorcycle accident.
I almost had cancer of the cervix.
I had cyroSurgery.
I hurt my back.
Translation I have 3 herniated disks.
I broke my toe right before BM 2009 and went anyways lone wolf style to.
Its amazing how my body has healed sense these inflictions.

I remember a long time ago in middle school ha ha.
There was a man that came to talk to us.
He had this crazy disfigured face.
And talked kinda funny.
He came to talk to us about suicide.
What? you might ask.
He shot himself IN THE FACE with a shotgun!!!!
I mean what kind of power was that!

I know that is shocking but where I am going with all of this is,
no matter what happens to you.
Your mind is more powerful then any medicine.
One word placebo!

Heres a definition.

Definition of Placebo

Placebo: A "sugar pill" or any dummy medication or treatment.
For example, in a controlled clinical trial, one group may be given a real medication while another group is given a placebo that looks just like it in order to learn if the differences observed are due to the medication or to the power of suggestion. Placebos are widely used in drug trials.

So in other words stay positive and the universe will bring you just that.
Your mind is the most powerful tool you have!.

Here is a fortune cookie I got a few days ago:

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.


In Love,

info from http://www.medterms.com

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Currently doing?

Currently going to school to get my generals done.
Yes my major is Business! What more could I ask.
Well to investors a degree is like a golden ticket. Maybe my Golden ticket! LOL!
Thats right even my Step Father who is Jewish agrees that starting an empire is a great idea.
He is not one to easily impress.
My mother bless her soul is a huge catalyst for this. Also inspiring to my life. She is a beautiful Women!
Very nice lady and open minded! Thats alot to ask some one whos LDS.
I feel very lucky to have the family I have.
My brother teaches me patience.
I love that I get the opportunity to help him with his life.
Taking care of the things he may not be able to. Or understand even.
My boyfriend whos tests my deep understandings of the world every day.
He is amazing. Beyond words!

I am gearing up to help save what these last generations have killed!
There is sooo much technology that we are not useing.
Things we could be doing that would not impact our world so much.
Carbon foot print as you will.
So thats the nut shell kinda.

Well here is the progress of my stirrup vessal that I am working on.

Ps. Fuck Oil!

Dear World

I have decided to make a positive blog.
Outside of Myspace.
Myspace has just become a HTML black hole that no one uses any more.
This will be a place for only positive things hopes and dreams.
This is for my friends and family and others.
There will be jokes perhaps as well.
News of my journeys and endeavors.

Love the one Goddess that goes sleeveless.